You are currently viewing REWS unleashes fierce new single ‘Lock Your Horns’

REWS unleashes fierce new single ‘Lock Your Horns’

Brace yourselves for a sonic whirlwind as REWS, the captivating rock sensation known for anthemic hooks and high-energy performances, drops her latest single, ‘Lock Your Horns’ today with a moody boxing themed music video to boot. This single serves as a thrilling prelude to forthcoming album Meridians and an exhilarating UK tour.

‘Lock Your Horns’ is a compelling musical narrative that weaves the story of enduring disappointment and setbacks, yet summoning an unwavering spirit to keep pushing forward and rise against the odds. It’s a reminder that moving towards your goals and dreams comes with trials, and it’s within these moments of adversity that our inner strength shines brightest.

“‘Lock Your Horns’ is a reflection of my journey amidst music industry and personal challenges,” says Shauna (REWS).” Despite adversity, the love for music empowered me to pick myself up and persist as an artist, making this song a rallying, musical battle cry of resilience and determination! I hope you love it!!”

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