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RLY0 delivers pop-punk inspired song ‘Leave Me Alone’

Storytelling is a core creative component for pop singer-songwriter RYL0. The LA-based, New Jersey-bred artist has used this narratvie skillset to spring out of the USC campus (where she attended film school) and into the hyperpop community, quickly becoming one of the scene’s most beloved voices.

Now, RYL0 unleashes ‘Leave Me Alone,’ a new single that expands the artist’s storybook even further. Following multiple projects devoted to exploring the inner workings of her personality, ‘Leave Me Alone’ sees RYL0 taking a step back and learning to let go of her self-interrogation.

Delving into the world of contemporary pop-punk, the new track is produced by frequent RYL0 collaborator Cary Singer. But the song doesn’t merely copy Y2K nostalgia trends: ‘Leave Me Alone’ recontextualizes pop-punk tropes of the 2000s with a distinctly modern lens and showcases RYL0’s singular songwriting talent.

‘Leave Me Alone’ kicks off with a crunchy guitar riff and backing hum melodies before RYL0 comes in with the song’s hook for the intro. On the first verse, the track drops into its trunk-rattling, bass-boosted beat that underlies RYL0’s pointed lyricism and catchy delivery. Then, following an ear candy-fueled pre-chorus, RYL0 brings the hook back in over the explosive instrumental.

Following another vibrant verse and chorus, the track’s outro then blends the song’s raucous beat, guitars, central melodic phrase, and additional soaring synth lines into a cathartic finish – a rousing final statement to this era of RYL0 before a new chapter awaits.


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