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Rosa Bordallo shares new track ‘Home’

New Yorker Rosa Bordallo releases her new single ‘Home’ via the Berlin’s Duchess Box Records.

Rosa Bordallo is a singer-songwriter based in New York City who makes a heady mix of psychedelic dream pop that veers joyfully between the eccentric and the whimsical, and the soul-shaking and transcendent for which emblazoned in the new single ‘Home’.

“When I was writing ‘Home’ it started as a mournful protest song, with influence from singers I admire for being haunting and poetic such as Kristin Hersh, Jessica Pratt, Aldous Harding and Kate Bush, however I decided I wanted a bigger sound that was defiant and full of energy, so it became more of an anthem, like a cathartic and triumphant return from battle,” says Rosa.

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