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Photo credit: Jamie MacMillan

Oslo Twins announce debut EP and release new single ‘Miss Yesterday’

Bristol born dream-pop outfit Oslo Twins have announced their debut EP Back To Nothing will be released July 28 via Fascination Street Records – a new label founded by producer Ali Chant (Yard Act, Perfume Genius, Aldous Harding, Katy J Pearson) in partnership with Bristol’s Factory Studios.

The new EP announcement coincides with the release of its second single, the anthemic ‘Miss Yesterday’. A summery ode to optimism after difficult times, ‘Miss Yesterday’ evokes anticipation and warmth with its bright, rich instrumentals, trance-like beat and laid-back, vernacular vocal and lyrical tone.

“It’s a song of joyful nostalgia, filled with hope and affection,” says vocalist Claudia Vulliamy, “and perhaps a darker hint of ‘Let’s just run away from everything, there’s nothing but us, f**k it all’.”

The single is accompanied by a joyfully surreal animated music video by artist Noriko Okaku, in which Claudia, Eric Davies and drummer Luke Brown take us through Okaku’s fantasy world made up of natural images that move in a Monty-Python-esque flip-book style.

Adding further insight into the inspiration behind “Miss Yesterday”, Claudia went on to say: “When I was writing my part of the Miss Yesterday lyrics, I watched a clip from The Rocky Horror Picture Show of Tim Curry performing ‘I’m Going Home’. His character is a literal alien – and he’s completely insane but that’s besides the point – longing for familiarity, and he sings (with wet hair and smudged makeup, in a corset and fishnets) ‘I’ve seen blue skies through the tears in my eyes, and I realise, I’m going home.’ For some reason that lingered in my head and made its way into the tone of the song. Also, the chorus lyric ‘No one sees the world like we do’ is based on a similar phrase that Robert Mapplethorpe said to Patti Smith, according to Smith’s memoir Just Kids.”

“Weirdly the track felt nostalgic from the off, even when writing it – hence the name,” says Eric. “It all happened really quickly.”

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