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Royal Castles share rally cry ‘Bad Business Barbie’

Since the release of Royal Castles’ 2021 sophomore album, Just the Hits, the contemporary garage-pop power trio have experienced strong momentum in Canada.

Royal Castles are entering their third album cycle to continue this momentum with their upcoming EP, Singles Night, showcasing their sonic evolution and featuring the brand new single, ‘Bad Business Barbie.’ Spotlighting drummer Katrin Sawatzky’s vocals and songwriting in a fresh new moment for Royal Castles, ‘Bad Business Barbie’ is a bold love letter to the women who are tamed by patriarchy, a rally cry, a confession about vulnerability, power, freedom and the secrets we keep.

‘Bad Business Barbie’ was recorded at North of Princess Studio (Glorious Sons, Blue Stones) in Kingston, Ontario with producer, Zane Whitfield. It was workshopped in the studio with a very collaborative approach, building on a heavy groove, sultry vocals and brooding energy.

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