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FLTY BRGR GRLs ‘Miserable’ will make you rage-smash your dinner plates

Oslo-based duo FLTY BRGR GRL release their latest track, ‘Miserable,’ today. The song is an intense and bratty garage pop anthem that captures the raw emotions of looking back on a failed relationship and feeling angry about it.

‘Miserable’ is the second single from the duo’s upcoming album, Happily Ever Never, which was recorded with producer Marcus Anthony Calvert. Lead singer Beatrix explains that the song is about releasing angry feelings after a break-up, and embracing anger as a natural and important emotion.

“I think anger gets a bad reputation. But really, it’s about survival and giving yourself permission to feel angry for as long as you need to. It can be incredibly freeing,” says Beatrix, who was inspired by her own heartbreak. “It’s also an energetic and tough song with a lot of attitude, and we’re basically saying F U to all exes who moved on too fast,” adds guitarist Sarah.

The song comes with a video directed and filmed by Vibeke Heide, which takes place in a smash room in Oslo. “We wanted to capture the attitude of the song, and thought breaking and smashing stuff would be very suitable. We were also lucky enough to collaborate with Vibeke who has an ability to make art even out of just two people raging in a small, dark room”.

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