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Track of the Week: ‘Imitate’ by Bava

Pop superstar-in-waiting Bava wraps a bow around her opening remarks as a newcomer in her impressive debut EP titled Imitate. The release gets a companion in the shape of her incredibly sleek and seductive video to its title track.

Speaking about the EP release, Bava explains “This EP felt like a mini heroes story. We start smack bang with raw self-reflection, then we’re just taken on a serotonin drive with ‘Itsy Bitsy’ and ‘Back to Me’, and then we plummet into the depths of anger and then we’re back in this resolution at the end. It felt like these five songs gave me this journey arc that mimicked the journey arc I was on myself. I was this inhibited Haitian girl making music, then I formulated my sound, then I’m shot into the stratosphere with Taki Taki, and then I’m brought back to my depths with the way the world goes. I’m now coming out and I’m a little bit tougher.”

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