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Photo credit: Sean Hardy

Salvation Jayne release fiery new track ‘So Dull, So Quiet’

Having smashed their way onto the alternative scene, Salvation Jayne continue to push boundaries, winning over audiences globally with their unique brand of intense, dark and dynamic alt-rock.

With its beautiful cinematic mid section, throaty post-punk verses and thrashy outro, the new offering ‘So Dull, So Quiet’ from Salvation Jayne absolutely screeches diversity. This new and exciting track shows that they mean business more than ever before, with new vocalist Estelle Mey effortlessly cutting her way through the massive wall of sound and texture that the band have now become.

There are moments of delicate beauty (with comparisons to Mogwai and The Cure), thick and dirty desert style riffs, other wordly atmospherics and massive pop hooks – all laying a solid foundation for Mey’s blistering vocals. Since joining Salvation Jayne in 2022, the bands sound has evolved even further, becoming more diverse with Mey darting effortlessly between beautiful glassy falsetto vocals and a machine that throws machetes relentlessly through the tracks.

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