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Jennifer Tefft & The Strange cause a playful ruckus with ‘Going Out’

Jennifer Tefft & The Strange are going out tonight. Yeah, you’ve been warned. The Massachusetts alternative rock band releases new single ‘Going Out’ via Rock Garden Records, exactly one week after appearing live at Fireseed Arts Studios in Framingham. ‘Going Out’ is the follow-up to February’s ‘Caffeine’ and last fall’s ‘Love and War,’ and this raucous, boozy, barroom brawl of a tune is the third and final single before Jennifer Tefft & The Strange unleash new album Strange Beginnings on May 17.

While the adrenalized ‘Caffeine’ was all about the end of the night – a closing song in The Strange’s lively setlist lovingly demanding to see everyone again at the next show – the rowdy and boisterous ‘Going Out’ is all about the expectations and excitement at the start of one, as Tefft puts out a call to friends and family to hit the town and make the most of a carefree night out. As the lyrics playfully suggest, she’s put on that miniskirt (yeah, that one), busted out those killer shoes, and just might make the boys at the bar cry into their drinks as her favorite song blasts through the speakers across the room.

And as a mother, Tefft’s ‘Going Out’ is particularly dedicated to all the other moms out there – the ones who may not be able to party like the old days, but know how to throw down when responsibilities and obligations drift away… if only for a few fun hours out on the town.

“This song is about, and goes out to, all my fellow moms!” Tefft says. “Especially those that have small kiddos at home and who are staying at home with them. Pulling from my own experience as a stay-at-home mother, as well as a musician who gets to observe people from the stage, there is no group of people who are more likely to go all in on their night out – and even go off the rails – than a group of moms finally getting out for the evening with their friends!”

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