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She’s In Parties reveal new single ‘Summer Haze’

Essex quartet She’s In Parties return with their first single of 2023, ‘Summer Haze’. Succeeding their hits ‘I Follow You’ and ‘Cherish’, this single acts as their debut with Submarine Cat Records, and is their most existential tune to date.

Sprightly, synth-heavy, and softly chirpy goth-pop ‘Summer Haze’ sinks its teeth into a hazy, smoke-induced hysteria in the most soothing of ways. Swirling with reverb and jangles, albeit tranquil on the surface when bypassing the lyrical content, it in fact details vocalist Katie Dillon having a freak out after experimenting with smoking marijuana for the first time. “I think this song makes it out that I’ve done something much worse.” She says, referring to the melodrama of her swivet. “It’s about the first time ever I smoked weed in central park in Chelmsford, so some of you can imagine that was already a bad choice. This song tells the story of that time, the parts where I thought I was gonna die or I thought there were undercover police.”

However, there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Katie confesses, “As the song goes, I start to realise that it wasn’t just about the drug. I start to realise that I’m just falling apart as a person and also that people everywhere are falling apart, but relying on substances to get them through the shit times; sometimes we need an escape but it doesn’t completely push away the problems in our lives.”

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