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Photo credit: Alex Howard

Shybaby shares new single ‘Kiki doesn’t like it when you leave me at the party’

Brooklyn punks Shybaby share ‘Kiki doesn’t like it when you leave me at the party’. The single also serves to announce the band’s debut album, Is This Intimate, which will follow in fall 2022.

Shybaby is both the band and the alter ego of singer and songwriter Grace Eire. Shybaby is permission to be ridiculous. It is a prying necessity to be loud and alive and felt. It’s trying and failing to love, and it’s hopelessly in love. It is very much in the moment, unthought. It’s finding the fun in being unapologetically sad and dramatic – to feel your animal feelings so loud and out loud.

Some context from Shybaby: “A couple of years ago I accidentally ended up in a poly relationship that absolutely tore me up. Every insecurity surfaced and I don’t think I even liked the guy very much. I don’t think he actually liked me very much, either. I think he just appreciated that I appreciated the affection. My friend Kiki hated him, and when he left me at a party to go to an orgy (yikes) with one of his other partners I ended up crying on the L train on the way home. Kiki didn’t like it when he left me at the party.”

She continues, “I really thought that I liked this person at the start. His openness with his feelings was refreshing; at least he was being honest with me. I started to feel totally insane for feeling so insecure. Was I afraid to fall in love or was I afraid to fall in love with someone who couldn’t give me what I needed? Does love hurt or does loving someone whose wrong for you hurt? I wasn’t actually listening to what I wanted or needed or to how I actually felt about him, I just was reaching for intimacy wherever I could find it.”

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