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SIRENE shares new single ‘Demon & I’ ahead of EP release

Dealing with difficult experiences through songwriting comes naturally to Leeds-born artist Sirene. The one woman choir sings from the soul and her debut EP Communication Conversation explores breakdowns, break-ups, sexual assault and loss. ‘Demon & I’ is a proclamation of love for your vices.

Written on Valentine’s Day, in the peak of a drink-fuelled lockdown, the lament reminisces on a debaucherous and thrilling romance with a recently deceased ex-lover. Taking form as his obituary, ‘Demon & I’ celebrates an indulgent relationship of late nights, parties and the repercussions that often come hand in hand with such a lifestyle.

During lockdown at her parent’s house, spending endless time reflecting on relationships gained and lost, Sirene began writing about conversations that she’s never had. These pandemic postcards were sent to a rural countryside studio where she spent two weeks working closely with producer Gus White. The resulting project is an accumulation of melancholic, frank accounts. A discovery of unknown strength in the face of adversity.


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