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Daffo reveals stellar new single ‘Poor Madeline’

The intricate sound that Daffo has created on ‘Poor Madeline’, encompassing notes of folk and indie-rock, has a hazy yet captivating quality to it that can be felt deep within you when listening.

“‘Poor Madeline’ is about the loss of the feeling of home,” explains Daffo. “I wrote it when I was 17, my parents sold my childhood home and I went off to boarding school. I ended up moving 6 times in the span of 9 months. I had nowhere to keep my things, because I never really had my own room, so I kept giving them away and leaving them at various friends and family members’ houses. When I wrote the song I kept thinking about the “Madeline” children books by Ludwig Bemelmans, where Madeline is at boarding school in Paris and gets appendicitis. At the time I was having these very intense stomach problems and panic attacks, and I kept thinking I had appendicitis, so I thought her name would be fitting for the song. Anyway I was a depressed teenager, still technically am, but now at least I find home within myself wherever I am.” –

The melancholic themes of loneliness and depression that engulf the essence of ‘Poor Madeline’ ironically wrap this song up in a blanket of comfort. The nostalgic sound of the acoustic guitar melodies that welcome you at the start of the track feel warm and inviting, and Daffo’s serene, peaceful vocals instill a feeling of calm into you, despite the forlorn lyrical sentiment.

More of this delightful sound can be heard on their upcoming EP Pest which will follow ‘Poor Madeline’ on October 20.

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