You are currently viewing Ski Lift share stirring new single ‘Double Yellow’

Ski Lift share stirring new single ‘Double Yellow’

The project of Welsh songwriter Benji Tranter, Ski Lift offers all the endearing power-pop that you could ever desire. Joined by friends Elizabeth Walsh on bass and vocals, and Adam Fletcher on drums, together they create their own spin on nostalgic three-chord rock and roll – a refreshing yet familiar soundtrack to the highs and lows of day-to-day life. Now, following the uptempo energy of last year’s ‘Living The Dream’, they’re back with a stirring new single.

Written during the 2021 lockdown, and inspired by Tranter’s daily encounters in his local area of Croydon, ‘Double Yellow’ offers a twinkling slice of lilting indie-pop, building with a whirring splendour to an emotion-rich ode to slowing down. As the gentle, heartfelt passion of Walsh’s vocals intertwine with Tranter’s to create lush sweeping harmonies, scuzzy hooks ripple with a sparkling energy, oozing a comforting warmth.

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