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Photo credit: Kelsey Pecchia

Sloan Golden finds refuge in long car conversations with debut single & cinematic video ‘Parking Lot’

Today, LA-based indie pop artist Sloan Golden attempts to maintain composure with her unflinching track and cinematic official video ‘Parking Lot’. On her debut single, out now, Golden looks to ground herself in reality and talk herself down from an overwhelming bout of anxiety.

‘Parking Lot,’ is an homage to the universal experience of long, meaningful parked car conversations in high school and the heart-pounding anxieties that come with growing up. Written with rising singer-songwriter Jensen McRae, the track explores real mental health struggles which led to these intimate moments that tethered her to reality. Golden shares, “I wanted the song to be the sonic encapsulation of what an anxiety attack feels like. I intentionally never mentioned the title of the song within the lyrics as I want listeners to be able to place themselves in their own ‘parking lots’ without me ever having to say it.” The track was produced by acclaimed indie rock musician Runnner (Skullcrusher).

The track’s accompanying video, directed by Madi Boll, mirrors these intense feelings and uneasy energy. Boll says, “A panic attack feels like everything inside of you is at hyper speed while the world outside is hazy and out of sync. This got me thinking about a world where everyday objects move in sync with our mental highs and lows, and thus ‘Parking Lot’ came to life.” Golden adds that the video depicts her lived experience of using her car as both a place to have hard conversations with both herself and others, and as a safe space to collect her thoughts. “My seventeen-year-old self, who sat alone in her car in the Best Buy parking lot having a meltdown, wouldn’t believe that all that pain she felt might’ve been worth something.”

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