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Photo credit: Sophie Anderson

Sophie Lilah goes on a trip to ‘Dreamland’ in new single

Blending groovy funk and indie-pop like watercolours in a timeless piece, 18-year-old artist Sophie Lilah paints a picture of longing and grief in her new single ‘Dreamland’.

Sophie Lilah is a Perth-based singer-songwriter bringing her own dark, retro twist to the indie-pop landscape, with her authentic and sweet vocals, enchanting sound, and distinctive lyrical flow. The beauty and the beast, she aims to blend darkness, grit, and charm.

A tune beyond her years, this track lays on a steady foundation of dark and decadent bass. As ethereal, floaty vocals start, the track spreads its wings and transforms, which feels like a truly genre-bending evolution. A grounded drum keeps this song deeply rooted to the earth, though her emotive, grieving vocals branch to the heavens.

‘Dreamland’ tells a carefully woven story of fantasy, of desperation and yearning, and of a relationship that was never meant to be. With deeply poignant lyrics and an addictive refrain, Sophie Lilah ensnares and fosters a meditative, transcendent state.

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