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Photo credit: Monica Murray

Snõõper share new single ‘Runner’

Snõõper share new single/video ‘Running’, ahead of the release of their debut album Super Snõõper out this Friday via Third Man Records.

‘Running’ is a marathon, not a sprint: clocking in at over 5 minutes, it marks the longest release in Snõõper’s discography to date. The song builds and builds on a grooving bassline before culminating in an acid-soaked guitar solo. The accompanying video – helmed by Sean McGuirk – is an homage to 80s home workout videos, filtered through Snõõper’s kaleidoscopic lens.

On the track, vocalist Blair said “’Running’ was written during the pandemic as many of our early songs were. This song was written deep in the pandemic when people began to feel hopeless and everything began to feel really scary. The George Floyd protests were happening, Trump was president, and people felt out of control as we watched our country experience the consequences of an unjust system. Political leaders were fanning the flames as people were screaming for change. All of this was happening at a time when people couldn’t properly take action due to pandemic restrictions. It was a horrifying feeling. Most days, all I could do was go for a long walk or run. I think sometimes that’s all anyone can do when things feel out of control. We can always get out of our minds and into our bodies. Move, breathe, jump, put one foot in front of the other.”

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