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Photo credit: Monica Murray

Snõõper release new single ‘Fitness’

Nashville-based DIY outfit Snõõper present the rousing new single/video ‘Fitness’, taken from their forthcoming debut album Super Snõõper, out July 14 via Third Man Records.

‘Fitness’ maintains the high octane speed of frantic lead single ‘Pod’, and its accompanying video — directed by vocalist Blair Tramel — showcases the puppetry used in their live performances. Almost all of the props and puppets in the video were made and reassembled by Tramel, and the video offers a glimpse of the playful mayhem that can be expected at one of their storied concerts.

On ‘Fitness’, Tramel states: “‘Fitness’ was written just for fun without much thought, which is exactly the way I think working out should be. This song is about competition, doing things for the validation of others, and how ridiculous that can be. Before our first show, I made a paper mache weight to use during this song. It was our very first prop and the only prop we used for a while. ‘Fitness’ is a special song to us because it is still one of our most fun songs to play live.”

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