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Photo credit: Monica Murray

Snõõper release new single/video ‘Powerball’

Next month, the Nashville-based DIY punk outfit Snõõper will release their highly anticipated debut album Super Snõõper, out July 14 on Third Man Records, and today present another fully-charged single/video, ‘Powerball’. They also announce their first ever UK tour taking place this November.

Clocking in at just over a minute, Snõõper max out the short and sweet run time on ‘Powerball’ by packing it with frantic guitars, berserk drums, and the ever-cool vocals of Blair Tramel. The accompanying video — directed by Tramel and featuring puppeteering by Grace Hall — channels the song’s chaos delectably, and previews the playful mayhem of Snõõper’s storied live sets for those yet indoctrinated.

Tramel explains: “‘Powerball’ was written after a scratch-off winning streak. My mom called me to let us know that the Powerball jackpot was the highest it had been in years and we bought tickets. It’s a funny thing to feel like you are going to win something so arbitrary – to feel like you are going to be the one in a billion winner. When our numbers were not announced, we decided to buy some scratch-offs and, to my surprise, I won $50 on a $2 scratch off. I kept buying scratch-offs from different gas stations around town and kept winning. It was a comical sort of high I hadn’t felt before and even when I started losing money I wanted to keep going.”

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