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Sofia LaFuente shares new single ‘If You Care’

London-based alternative-pop artist Sofia LaFuente touches on her experience as a woman in the music industry with new single ‘If You Care’.

“There’s something very empowering about the fact that when nobody expects anything from you, you have a freedom to do whatever you want,” she says. In an industry that pressures women to “make it” as young as possible, ‘If You Care’ is emblematic of Sofia’s mindset, as she now feels confident in belonging in the room as a songwriter and artist.

Moodier than previous releases, ‘If You Care’ is driven by propulsive synths that mirror the release of pressure Sofia felt in writing the track. Producer Erick Bardales, known for his brooding synth-led work was the perfect choice in amplifying each, whilst Sofia juxtaposes her biting delivery on the hook with a soaring falsetto throughout that creates a captivating dynamism.

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