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Photo credit: Nicole Ngai

SOMOH releases new single ‘Anything’

Get acquainted with exciting newcomer SOMOH (pronounced “Soe-Mow”) who today releases your latest new indie-alternative obsession, ‘Anything.’ Much like her upcoming tracks on her debut EP A Plan To Get Home out next year, this track is a profoundly emotional, well-crafted song that explores her relatable feelings of love, friendship, family, and hardship.

Speaking about ‘Anything,’ SOMOH whose real name is Sophia Mohan said, “This song is about coming to terms with your love for someone and knowing that you’d do just about anything for them. It’s a scary but beautiful feeling to fall that deeply for a person.” The song was produced and mixed by Joel Johnston, who has also produced and mixed SOMOH’s entire debut EP out on his own label, penciled in Spring 2023.

Speaking about her upcoming releases, SOMOH said “I’m really proud of this body of work, it’s been a long time coming. The main focus of this EP is about the transitional stages of life from childhood to your early 20s where part of you doesn’t feel ready to face all the changes. I think these songs convey a lot of those situations you have to deal with as you realise the world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (e.g falling in love, coming to realisations about the people around you, how you treat yourself). I hope that people listening can find a part of their own story in my songs, it’s always nice to feel like you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.”

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