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Photo credit: Marieke Macklon

Sprout shares intimate new track ‘In The Night (It’s Only You I Think Of)’

Sprout, aka Meg Grooters, is a Burnley bred singer-songwriter making classic dulcet tones fit for the 21st century. Self-described as a “genderless blob of emotion”, Sprout’s newest single will feature as the opening track on their forthcoming self-titled debut EP.

Out today via sevenfoursevensix (Matilda Mann, Matt Maltese, Lizzie Reid), ‘In The Night (It’s Only You I Think Of)’ follows on from previous two singles ‘(I’m Just) Getting By’ and ‘Settled (Here In My Heart)’, which showcased Sprout’s love for costumes as well as their gorgeous vintage aesthetic, inspired by golden age cinema and jazz icons like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.

‘In The Night (It’s Only You I Think Of)’ is their most intimate offering yet. It covers themes of insomnia and how keeping the soothing presence of a former partner in their mind helped Sprout while struggling to sleep.

Speaking of the track, Sprout said: “I was with a partner for five years and the first year I was with them we were long distance. Whenever they would come up and stay, I would get the best kip of my life. Whenever they weren’t there, I would have nightmares or episodes of insomnia. But thinking of them helped send me back to sleep. It was my first time being in love and I’d never experienced feeling relaxed by someone’s presence like that before.”

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