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Photo credit: Max Wanger

Doe Paoro embraces ‘Phases’ on new single

Doe Paoro shares ‘Phases,’ the newest offering from her upcoming EP, Divine Surrendering, out June 10.

Having spent much of the last year deep in the Costa Rican jungle, both exploring ways that music could activate deeper consciousness and seeking an escape from the paradoxically congested and isolated existence of life in a big city, Divine Surrendering allows Paoro and the listener to explore healing worlds beyond. This gleaming new track addresses nature directly, speaking to the moon as if it were a nurturing parent, continuing the quest for growth and acceptance. “If I were like you/ I would trust that I would be/ New again,” she sings, with radiating synths and softly shifting rhythms backing her cries.

Paoro expands, “‘Phases’ was born from a poem I wrote years ago with the line, ‘Tiny moon, show me how to be graceful with my phases.’ I am a bit obsessed with the moon and always have been. This tender grandmother in the sky that has felt like a friend throughout some of my loneliest moments. This song specifically, and really the whole EP, is me trying to embrace impermanence.”

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