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Photo credit: Fikret Ahmet

SYTË dance with the inner saboteur in colourful new single ‘Sirena’

“I know you inside out, I know you all too well,” opens a lyrically dreamy and full-bodied new track by SYTË called ‘Sirena.’ The emerging band crafts a genre that is near fluid with a style that is effervescent. The track is laced with angel energy, circa 2000’s aesthetics and unique structural dynamics within the instrumentation such as an acoustically emphasized bridge. The song feels like jumping on Tumblr and working out those self-discovery hours; where the NSFW blogs and alt-education begin. It’s tickled with hues of blue pastels, perfect for a chill pop soundtrack/playlist moment and your favourite bubbly drink in hand.

A siren in mythology calls out to the listener and embodies mystery and dark forces in nature. One may think of a mermaid or dark aquatic creature. Within this juxtaposition, Nita Kaja (lead vox) and Drin Tashi (production) took an evening walk and felt inspired to create something full-bodied and rhythmically tight. It was aimed as a demo intended for collaboration with another artist, but ‘Sirena’ took its own course at the last minute.

“I wrote this song about confronting a dark feminine energy within me, that I’ve personified as ‘Sirena”, or the “siren swimming in my heart”, because it attempted to sabotage the first healthy and stable relationship in my life,” Nita says. “Growing up with low self-esteem…I tied my self-worth to my ability to attract men and make them fall for me, all while still keeping my guard up and restraining my own emotional desire to be vulnerable and intimate. I wrote this song to heal from this defence mechanism, though old habits die hard.”

That evening walk in 2020 birthed a cool R&B/future bass-sounding canvas for Nita’s vulnerability to shine through and transmute into something lighter, freer. Nita crafted the lyrics while Drin “introduced a synth that sounded like bubbly water,” they said.

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