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Photo credit: Benji Reid

Terri Walker releases new single ‘I’m Not The One’

UK R&B and Soul singer-songwriter Terri Walker, releases her brand-new single, ‘I’m Not The One’ via Wings of a Hummingbird Records/Believe UK. The single follows on from the recently released ‘Finally Over You’, the lead track from her upcoming vicennial album My Love Story to be released April 14.

Produced by longtime friends and collaborators Children of Zeus (Tyler Daley & Konny Kon), ‘I’m Not The One’ is Terri’s final tease to the eagerly awaited body of work that comes four years after her last album. The single is a captivating blend of Terri’s seamless vocals alongside a soulful female led choir. Showcasing a flavor of her signature R&B groove, Terri talks about that feeling of knowing the person you are in a relationship with is not who you are meant to be with and expresses the importance of honesty and not to ‘live a lie’.

Terri said of the single: “‘I’m Not The One’ is part two of the song, ‘Fake’ from my debut album, Untitled. I’m reminding everyone, who may have forgotten or didn’t know that I will, never live a lie. I simply don’t know how to!”

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