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Photo credit: Tom Vu

The Dandys get a little unhinged with their cathartic single ‘Sorry’

Causing unnecessary unrest and worry, Brisbane/ Meanjin alt-rockers, The Dandys, have come out with a statement about their whereabouts over the past 6-months with a backhanded apology in the form of a belting new single titled ‘Sorry’.

After a massive year in 2023 that saw The Dandys perform at Splendour In The Grass, showcase at BIGSOUND, release their debut EP and go on tour with Hope D, the band seemingly vanished. Efforts were made to track down the members after they made the promise of “Big things coming soon”, but fans and their entourage were left hanging until now. Nonchalant to the trouble they caused, The Dandys are deflecting their irresponsible behaviour, noting that they didn’t really mean anything by it, along with a list of other things they didn’t mean to do, penned in this cathartic anthem ‘Sorry’.

Strung together by throw-away one-liners that Mads Protheroe had heard over the last few months, ‘Sorry’ is a collage and celebration of madness and the irrational. Protheroe states: “This song is about all the words people say that mean absolutely nothing.The entire song is constructed from a series of one-liners that came up in different conversations over the last few months that I compiled in my notes app, (the tennis court line is word-for-word a text I received). I reworked it all to create a story where you can just be unapologetically insane for 3 and a half minutes.”

A little manic, a little hysteric, a little reckless, ‘Sorry’ is a remorseless, hard-hitting track that is all about stirring a ruckus. With the devil on the shoulder, the gritty verses have Protheroe reflecting on these things she didn’t mean to do before bursting out in a head-spinning, anthemic chorus made up of their wild energy and frenzied guitar riffs. The unhinged nature of The Dandys is confirmed in the track’s bridge which is a spoken, tongue-in-cheek confessional followed by a roaring close.

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