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Photo credit: Iman Qasemi

The Manic Boys And Girls Club share single/video ‘Lose My Mind’

Toronto, ON-based duo The Manic Boys And Girls Club share thrill-seeking, liberating track ‘Lose My Mind’ along with a video, out everywhere now. The band’s self-titled EP is due out July 13.

‘Lose My Mind’ is a liberating, drum-backed anthem that allows the band to break free from any stress or obligations in pursuit of a good night. The simple instrumentation using one guitar chord reflects the time period the song is based on–a time of innocence, simplicity, and growing up. Calling it “the most autobiographical song we have written,” Fernando Ferreira (vocals/guitar) says the track is “inspired by the nights we just wanna tune the world out. The times we need to escape reality. Not try to find yourself, not figure life out, not think about tomorrow. It’s about walking into the moments that turn into the nights we never forget.” Plus, as a touching callback to his youth, Ferreira used the first guitar his parents ever bought him on this track.

The accompanying video, directed by Ernie Vasquez and produced by Gustavo Lopez, follows the duo on a crazy, vibrant night out on the town. Shot on both iPhone and Super 8 mm film, Vasquez adds, “It was basically us going around Las Vegas in the middle of the night and capturing the lights and chaos all around. We shot parts of the music video on Super 8 mm film which gave it a unique look. Bela and Fernando also took an iPhone into clubs and bars to capture footage.”

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