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The Stolen Moans return with new single ‘Dada Catapult’

Prepare to be catapulted over the battlements into the sonic rebellion below, where music, chaos, and art challenge the deceit of tyrants and their sycophants. The Stolen Moans are back to bombard you with new single ‘Dada Catapult,’ a vivid splash of color on the grey canvas of contemporary rock music.

The band say, “‘Dada Catapult’ of course isn’t just a song; it’s a secret melody wrapped in a Punk Rock manifesto, echoing the revolutionary spirit of the Dadaist movement. The drums are drumming, the guitars are strumming and the voice has a tale to tell. Once again (like the Dada days of old) the world is filled with obscene violence and greed, while cowards and cretins lead humanity back to the edge of the apocalyptic abyss. With catastrophe all around us, this is no time for a failure of the creative imagination. There’s always a better way!”

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