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Photo credit: Ben Dornan Wilson

Tiiva shares defiant new single ‘TORNADOS’

Today Tiiva reveals their intoxicating new single ‘TORNADOS’. Powerful and defiant, ‘Tornados’ is here as your reminder to keep going. Sweeping melodies and grounding beats take hold as Tiiva’s relatable lyricism coaxes you towards your next move.

Sharing more Tiiva explained: “‘Tornados’ is about possibility and hope through hedonism and thinking about the different directions you can take. It’s inspired from spiritual ideals of using intuition instead of influence, listening to primal voices and leaning into self trust and belief to keep going when things are difficult or confusing in life.”

The release of ‘Tornados’ is the follow up to Tiiva’s debut EP Fireflies which came out at the end of the last year. Shifting their sound into the next room, they return with an outcome that boasts natural development and innovation. Working with talented producer Moritz Kerschbaumer on co-production, ‘Tornadoes’ is the first single to be revealed from their collaboration.

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