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Tiiva shares powerful new single ‘Cellophane’ with Polly Scattergood

Today, Tiiva reveals ‘Cellophane’; a brilliant new collaborative offering with Polly Scattergood.

Powerful and illuminating, ‘Cellophane’ comes as a captivating reminder of the importance of art and expression. Created in the depths of lock-down, the euphoric sentiment of the track offers a much needed release.

Sharing more, Tiiva explained: “I wrote this working with Polly remotely across the weirdest time of lockdown. I wanted to write something that felt euphoric and exciting, mirroring a time when dancing felt like a memory. There’s an honest fragility in Polly’s writing that really resonates and working together on this song has felt beautifully cathartic during a time when our horizons felt a lot smaller.”

Having admired Tiiva’s sound and production techniques for a while, Polly Scattergood’s input on the new single came as a natural progression. Sharing more Polly said; “As soon as I heard cellophane ideas started to flow, the song has many layers lyrically. Ultimately it’s all about celebrating each other and the expansive richness that art and music can bring to our lives. I hope it makes anyone listening feel good…”

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