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Lauren Spencer-Smith releases new single ‘Flowers’

Lauren Spencer-Smith shares her latest single ‘Flowers,’ a stunning example of the intricate songwriting and vocal range the 18-year-old from Vancouver Island is capable of.

‘Flowers’ is an anthem of personal growth, written in hindsight about heartbreak and healing. Lauren shows off her vocal range over a piano-laden beat, ebbing from syrupy high notes to a powerful lower register. It’s emotive and relatable as she shares personal anecdotes through a universal lens. Speaking on the song, Lauren says, “‘Flowers’ is about looking at a past experience and knowing I deserved more. I want people to be able to contemplate their own situations, and learn from them and heal if they need to. You aren’t alone and it gets better.” 

Details are at the core of Lauren’s craft, and she always writes from a place of perspective. Speaking on the process for ‘Flowers,’ Lauren shares, “When I’m writing I always think about what’s going on in the world. How are people feeling? What are they going to relate to? I want to listen to a song and know what it’s about, that’s why I write with details about my life but always think, how will my fans relate? I want it to feel universal.”


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