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Track of the Week: ‘Polly Pocket’ by Raffaella

Raffaella releases LIVE, RAFF, LOVE (Act II), along with a video for the hyperpop banger ‘Polly Pocket,’ via Mom + Pop. Listen/watch ‘Polly Pocket’ produced by Jake Luppen (of Hippo Campus) and Caleb Hinz below.

While the beats on ‘Polly Pocket’ are viciously upbeat, the song was written in reaction to the reversal of Roe v. Wade. The thought of being dismissed as biological property – a body surrounding an IUD under the threat of becoming pregnant – sparked a rage in Raffaella that made her wonder what the best way to talk about these necessary topics of conversation. Seemingly incongruous with the hits-you-like-a-Sour-Patch-Kid pop production on the song, the subject matter’s addressed with levity and accessibility, while Raffaella sings “If you want me to keep it, maybe you should carry it,” coyly over an onslaught of percussion.

Of the song and video, Raffaella says: “’Polly Pocket’ is a pop song about reproductive rights. It is also an ode to my I.U.D. I love when people laugh in horror movies – this is my version of that. It’s still scary but at least you can kind of dance and talk about it out loud without feeling weighed down.”

Photo credit: Danica Robinson

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