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Track of the Week: ‘Strangers’ by Meet Me @ The Altar

The buzzy Florida pop-punk band Meet Me @ The Altar are prepping a deluxe edition of their recent album Past // Present // Future. Among the new tracks on the deluxe is ‘Strangers,’ released with a video by Blythe Thomas. The song is as punchy and catchy as you’d hope, with riffs that verge on metallic and hooks that edge up to bubblegum pop. “I’ve got strangers in my head that won’t shut up!” Edith Victoria sings on the chorus.

She elaborated on the song in this statement: “’Strangers’ wrestles with self-consciousness. It’s about experiencing the nagging self-doubt that fuels imposter syndrome or accuses you of not being strong enough to endure what life has a tendency to throw at you. The song explores the sensation that you’re missing out on being your true self and reaching your full potential because you can’t shake the thought that you’re not good enough. Sometimes I catch myself questioning how much further along I might be toward my goals if it weren’t for anxiety and self-sabotage.” [via Stereogum]

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