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Amelie Jat resorts to ‘Faking Parties’ to avoid confessing a crush on cinematic new single

Independent pop-punk artist Amelie Jat makes waves with her newest anthemic single, ‘Faking Parties,’ out today. Known for creating soundtracks to life’s most chaotic and emotional moments, Jat hits the nail on the head with ‘Faking Parties,’ offering listeners an anthem that leaves them feeling like she read through their diary and translated the story into a teen rom-com.

‘Faking Parties,’ at its core, reflects the initial anxiety of developing a crush and the unhinged lengths we can be willing to go to in effort to procrastinate expressing our true feelings when it’s too soon to tell if they’ll feel the same way. Jat’s full-bodied vocals cut through the gritty pop-punk soundscapes on ‘Faking Parties’ with an energetic brightness characteristic of music from artists like Maggie Lindemann, Olivia Rodrigo, and Avril Lavigne.

‘Faking Parties’ reflects an endearing experience for Jat in which she actually faked being at a party to someone she was crushing on, and had her friends work with her to set the scene and sell the white lie. They joked that she should write a song about the experience, none of them thinking she’d follow through with the track listeners can hear now.

Inspiration for the song actually first struck Jat while she was humming in the shower; she had the hook in her head, and found herself having written a pre-chorus and chorus within 15 minutes. That initial excitement for ‘Faking Parties’ – a lighthearted, humorous, autobiographical recount of a chaotic moment – seemed to fade by the time she was in the studio with her producer. Having worked on a few other tracks the day she introduced the concept to Grammy-nominated producer James McMillan (AKA quietmoney), she kept ‘Faking Parties’ in her back pocket because she wasn’t sure if it was good enough to develop. Once they started working on the demo, the two irrefutably maximized this track’s potential and ended up falling in love with the final product. For Jat, she hopes listeners take away that “it’s ok and totally normal to fall hopelessly in love or act a little unhinged because you really like someone; laughing about it with your friends is a lot better (and more fun) than beating yourself up about it.”


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