You are currently viewing Amelie Jat claps back with cinematic revenge anthem ‘my band hates u!’

Amelie Jat claps back with cinematic revenge anthem ‘my band hates u!’

London based artist Amelie Jat flourishes in her signature pop-punk sound on her new summer single ‘my band hates u!’.

At its core, ‘my band hates u!’ is more than a breakup anthem – it also shines a light on the people that support us through our toughest times and remind us to pick ourselves up and feel empowered to bounce back. This sarcastic girl-boss track embraces the full scope of emotions inherent to heartbreak; Jat processes everything from anger, to longing, to her most vulnerable hurt-feelings while coming to terms with the fact that not everyone we’re attracted to is actually good for us. Listeners can expect a sound similar to tracks from artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Maggie Lindemann, and Dylan on ‘my band hates u!’

When Jat started the writing process for the single, she thought of it more as a joke than a serious project to be released in the future. Jat has an especially close relationship with her bandmates who have become more like the protective older brothers she’s never had, and after confiding to them about her situation, they all made it clear how much they disliked the guy that was mistreating her. In the days following, Jat found herself humming what would be the chorus to this song during a bus ride; it ended up becoming so much more than the casually dreamt up, cheeky concept she believed it to be at the time. She collaborated with producer James McMillan to bring the song to life after developing the initial idea. This track goes out to anyone who knows what it feels like to be let down by someone you should’ve never allowed to have so much power over you in the first place. Jat hopes listeners feel empowered to laugh, cry, and scream-sing this single in spite of anyone who has taken them for granted.

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