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Photo credit: Mala Kolumna

UCHE YARA reveals double A-side single ‘yesterday I was in London’ & ‘homesick’

Hotly tipped 21-year-old Austrian-born, Berlin-based artist UCHE YARA unveils a double a-side single ‘yesterday I was in London’ and ‘homesick’, along with a bold Mala Kolumna directed video, combining both tracks. The tracks follow grungy ‘SOPHIE’ & joyful resolution ‘PANAMA’, as well as acclaimed debut single ‘www she hot’, an innovatively structured love song to Mother Earth.

‘yesterday I was in London’ and ‘homesick’ are a coming-of-age story in two acts. They tell the autobiographical tale of a young musician, experiencing a flood of exciting firsts at dizzying speeds. However, “living the life” – UCHE YARA tells us – involves more than just what meets the eye. Determined to present the light and the dark in her journey, UCHE shares that loneliness, longing, and disillusion have also been unfortunate key players in her musical endeavours. These rollercoaster emotions are demonstrated through the feathery lightness of ‘yesterday I was in London’ juxtaposing the moaning, self-ironic drawl of ‘homesick’, with its nearly classical baritone vocals and downbeat groove.

“At the end of the day, I’m just a girl, missing my friends and family.” explains UCHE. “It’s about travelling and ‘living the life’, but, at the same time, suffering badly from homesickness and missing the closest people that I could actually experience all of this with the most.”

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