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Photo credit: Mala Kolumna

UCHE YARA unveils double A-side ‘Sophie’ and ‘Panama’

Hotly tipped 21-year-old Austrian-born, Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist UCHE YARA today shares her new double a-side single ‘Sophie’ and ‘Panama’. The tracks follow her acclaimed recent debut single ‘www she hot’, an innovatively structured love song to Mother Earth.

Grungy focus single ‘SOPHIE’ sees UCHE YARA stepping away from her own perspective to see life through the eyes of a new character – a short-fused, self-absolving scorned lover frustrated at the actions chosen by his former paramour. A classic tale of a relationship going sour, albeit threatening and harsh in tone, there’s an unexpected vulnerability in the single, an ode to UCHE YARA’s versatile songwriting capabilities.

“The first idea for the song came to me in a friend’s kitchen, riffing around with an unamplified electric guitar,” she says. “A line appeared: “Sophie, you’re so mean!” and I knew immediately: this is the hook.” Released with ‘SOPHIE’ as a double single, ‘PANAMA’ acts as an eerily joyful reverberation, the euphoric and blissful resolution to ‘SOPHIE’’s tragedy.

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