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Photo credit: Mala Kolumna

UCHE YARA shares new single ‘SASHA (wake up!)’

Continuing her momentum from the acclaimed recent double a-side single ‘yesterday I was in London’ and ‘homesick’, hotly tipped 21-year-old Austrian-born, Berlin-based artist UCHE YARA continues to push musical boundaries with her new single ‘SASHA (wake up!)’ alongside b-side ‘Lazy Sundayz’.

Overflowing with a pulsating, infectious energy ‘SASHA (wake up!)’ is further evidence of UCHE YARA’s expansive musical confidence. Speaking about the track, UCHE YARA says, “I did the original vocal recording on my 19th birthday, full of excitement and self confidence. The original idea arose from just playing around with a detuned, broken Saz in a studio in Berlin. I was jamming on a drum loop by Alex The Flipper and we initially wanted to make a Trap Beat for another artist from that material. But at some point I just resonated so much with the feeling, that I wrote the song structure, the guitar and bass line and hook within 30mins. When I’m listening to the recording I’m embraced by a mixture of passion, wanderlust and a special kind of empowerment.”

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