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Photo credit: Nic Bezzina

Witch Fever share new single ‘Beauty and Grace’

Witch Fever’s debut album Congregation is out 2 weeks tomorrow – 13-tracks that incorporate everything sludge to new wave without lingering in one sound for too long, and produced by Pigs x7’s Sam Grant.

Today, they share empowering new single ‘Beauty and Grace’, about the standards set for womxn and sees the band go “full rage mode”.

Singer Amy Walpole says of the track, “‘Beauty and Grace’ ended up being the dark horse of the record! Before we went into the studio it wasn’t one of our faves but Sam really brought it out of its shell! The song is about pushing back against oppressive feminine beauty standards whilst also finding a place for femininity that you enjoy and makes you feel powerful !! Femininity is not a weakness, as much as society may tell you it is! If it empowers you and brings you joy it’s a strength!”


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