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Photo credit: Joe Westley

BEX announces debut EP SCUM. New anti-anthem ‘Trust No One’ warns of industry snakes

Nu-punk trailblazer BEX has announced her debut EP SCUM will be released October 27 via Scruff of the Neck Records. The 6-track collection features previously released impassioned bangers ‘SPYD4 K1NG’ and ‘Don’t Date The Devil’.

SCUM also features BEX’s new anti-anthem ‘Trust No One’, which is a song for musicians, out now. She says: “I wrote ‘Trust No One’ whilst on holiday in Cornwall, looking out across the sea, taking a break from reality, deep in thought. The music industry has always been a vicious one; snakes and thieves are normal here. The song presents the harsh truth of my short experience within the industry so far, holding my cards against my chest because you never know anyone’s next move. We all know the gatekeepers can be brutal, but I ended up finding out that your fellow musicians, the ones who are in the same boat as you, can end up being the worst. I very quickly found out who was in this race for the wrong reasons, craving fame and attention, ready to destroy anyone who is in their way. I started to become the same. It’s so easy to lose yourself amongst the rats. Writing this song was me accepting my mistakes, it was me falling back in love with the art, distancing myself from the scumbags, and finding myself again.”

The single comes with a vibrant music video which BEX herself describes as “an eyesore. It’s bright, it’s flashing, and it moves too fast for any eye to concentrate. The outfits are so wrong that they are right. The video is what the industry feels like. The fairies are the tricksters, winning and losing, with no consistency: sabotaging everything. The devils are raising hell and together they make mayhem. The video shows that no one can be trusted, you’ll never know what’s behind the mask.”

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