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WYSE shares new single ‘Run Away

Formidable songstress WYSE returns with the release of her blistering new single ‘Run Away,’ out now.

Combining scuzzy hooks with pulsating percussion and WYSE’s raw, impassioned vocals, ‘Run Away’ is an unapologetic slice of fierce, guitar-driven alt rock that immediately packs a punch.

Talking about the single, WYSE elaborates, “I’ve always found that resentment is seen as this really “ugly” emotion for some reason. When I was turned down by somebody I was dating, I felt ashamed for feeling resentful about it. I wanted to stuff that feeling in a box before anyone could see it and pretend it didn’t exist. In ‘Run Away,’ I am caught between trying to quite literally “run away” from myself – my sexuality and my insecurities over being rejected, and my need to let it all out.”


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