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Photo credit: Jenna Silvs

Xana releases swirling, confessional track ‘Monster’

Today, Vancouver-based rising pop artist Xana reflects on her past mistakes with ‘Monster,’ a brutally honest exploration of the artist’s worst decisions and selfish behavior, out everywhere now. In this recognition of her own missteps, Xana finds relief in taking accountability and learns to grow.

The building, melodic ‘Monster’ recounts Xana’s most unsavory moments as it daringly unfolds with a list of some of her regrets and ultimately sees the artist takes responsibility for her actions. Xana says it’s one of her favorite songs she’s ever written, and explains, “I wrote this song at a time where I was forced to look my mistakes square in the eye and take accountability for the hurt caused by my actions. I had to ask myself questions like “Why do you think your feelings go above the feelings of others? Why are you okay with lying to people who care about you? Why is it impossible for you to apologize? Why are you so defensive and why do you default to throwing punches when you’re hurt?”

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