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Faye Meana channels 80’s synth pop energy on new single ‘On & On’

London singer-songwriter and producer Faye Meana has unveiled her new single ‘On & On’, putting a playful, 80’s inspired spin on relationship troubles.

The follow-up to previous offering ‘No Need To Be Shy’, Faye Meana continues to blend nostalgic tropes with future-facing experimentalism on this latest offering. Self-produced by Meana, ‘On & On’ is a punchy, 80s-inflected jam with a heavy synth pop bassline set against the backdrop of modern R&B. Venting about relationship frustrations, she turns anger into joy with this energetic production and a mesmerising vocal that’s wrapped in romanticism.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the single, Faye Meana explains – “I wrote ‘On & On’ as a light take on those times in a relationship where you find yourself in an endless cycle of arguments and misunderstandings with your partner. The grudges that keep forming take over your thoughts and you feel like only a miracle would be able to bring you both back together.

“Instead of matching the production to the somberness of the lyrics, I wanted it to best match my “it is what it is” mentally when it comes to this type of thing. So I channelled my inner 80s synth pop to make the best out of a not so great time.”

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