You are currently viewing Zoe Ko releases electrifying new single ‘Touch Therapy’

Zoe Ko releases electrifying new single ‘Touch Therapy’

With her infectious energy and flirtatious charm, Zoe Ko has become a musical force to be reckoned with. The young artist, who recently signed with BIG LOUD ROCK (an imprint of Big Loud Records) has just released her newest single, ‘Touch Therapy.’

“This song was born out of the most teenage dream night you could imagine,” shares Zoe. “I was seeing a boy in L.A. and one day he drove me around to different outlook points and we eventually ended up at a drive-in movie. Needless to say, I barely remember that movie because I couldn’t see out of the steamy windows of the back of his truck. It rocked my world, and it was so rom com-esque that it changed my life. That’s what spawned my concept for touch therapy. I’m one of the most sex positive and do-it-for-the-plot people you could meet, so this song felt like second nature. It was so fun to make. And shoutout to the boy who rocked my world in the back of his truck in L.A.”

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