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OAKMAN announce new album Violent Oblivion & release new single ‘Proper Attitude’

French-based trio OAKMAN have announced their brand new album Violent Oblivion out May 3 via Rude Records. The record sees the band return with their signature pop rock sound and catchy melodies. To celebrate the release OAKMAN have released new single ‘Proper Attitude,’ the third offering off the upcoming album.

On the new album the band said,”Violent Oblivion is that violent break with the outside world, our own emotions, and the encounter with our traumas. Through the songs, it represents the different mental states Violent Oblivion can put us in. The powerful catchy melodies and lively instrumentals conceal deep and strong feelings, mental problems, excitement, fear and despair. Getting out of this Violent Oblivion is a big challenge, so we eventually hang on to find some hope and love to cope”.

Speaking about the new single OAKMAN said “This song describes the feeling of trying to maintain a proper attitude when everything’s going wrong. You’re pretending to be okay when everything’s falling apart inside you and you start to lose it. You’re mad at yourself because you think it’s your fault and people are blaming you. Sometimes it’s too hard to pretend, so you just want to throw it all away.

“This song has a sarcastic tone. When you’re slowly collapsing and people keep complaining and blaming you for everything, while you’re just trying to survive. Not to mention the very negative feelings about yourself you’re confronted with, after some time, you simply want to throw everything away. When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to end up having this “attitude”, that bitchy one I like to call “proper attitude”.

Violent Oblivion:

  1. I Am Floating…
  2. Ricochet
  3. Spiral
  4. Proper Attitude
  5. Missed Connections
  6. Air Hunger
  7. I Wish Myself To Be Happier
  8. Curse
  9. A Letter To Them
  10. Violent Oblivion
  11. Acte Manqué
  12. Love Picture Soundtrack
  13. …Faraway In Space, Forever

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