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Zoe Ko releases new single/video ‘EAT’

Earlier this year, energetic and cheeky pop-rock songstress, Zoe Ko, unveiled ‘DIRT,’ her first release with Big Loud Rock (the alt-rock imprint of Big Loud Records), in partnership with Double Down 11. ‘DIRT’ is the B-side of a punchy, power-packed double single now ready for full consumption, as Zoe has just released the A-side, ‘EAT,’ which was co-written and produced by Jonny Shorr (UPSAHL, Catie Turner, GAYLE).

“I wrote this song with Jonny right after I moved to Los Angeles from New York City,” shares Zoe. “It was a culture shock to say the least. I missed my best friends and our crazy nights out, and the shameless confidence the city infused into me. My friends and I would always use some variation of the word ‘eat’ as slang. Like after a wild girls’ night out we might say, ‘We totally ate tonight!’ I wanted to write a song about going out, getting crazy, and dancing all night. I hope this song ends up on every hot girl dance playlist out there.” ‘EAT’ perfectly encapsulates what has made Zoe a musical force to be reckoned with – fierce energy, flirtatious charm, and a desire to authentically highlight the female experience.

The video for ‘EAT’ finds Zoe at a classically snooty dinner party. “In the video, I’ve had enough stuffiness and decide to bring some energy to the party. I end up crawling on the table and starting a food fight. Eventually, you see the guests decide to let loose.”

“2024 is the year of serving, giving, and working,” adds Zoe. “But not in the w-o-r-k way and more the w-e-r-k way, the hot way. Like when a baddie walks by you on the street and your jaw drops kind of way. Confidence is in. Strutting is in. Being the hottest most powerful bad-ass version of yourself is in. Not giving a single f*ck about what others think is in. EATING is in.”

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