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Zoe Ny shares new single ‘Highway’

After the success of her single ‘Weekends,’ Nashville-based artist Zoe Ny returns today with ‘Highway’. This raw pop-country track was inspired by her first heartbreak and a soul-searching drive through Death Valley.

Blending cinematic strings, chilling baritone guitar, and Zoe’s velvety vocals, ‘Highway’ paints a sonic landscape evoking the nostalgia of a Western film. Drawing influence from Kasey Musgraves, Brandi Carlile, and Lana Del Rey, ‘Highway’ marks a significant sound evolution for Zoe, transitioning from pop to folk-rock and Americana.

Zoe Ny shares, “’Highway’ is where I’ve been and where I’m going as an artist. After growing up exclusively writing and recording pop music, I’ve taken a few years to transition over to Folk/Rock and Americana. Highway is a final nod to my past, and I hope that those who have been listening over the years will continue to follow me on this new journey. This song is a reflection of my youth, where I have intentionally idealized a lot of my past. It paints a picture of how absolutely stunning my experience of Nevada was, at the same being barren and brutally hot. ‘Highway’ is a metaphor for first heartbreak. I hope this song holds a unique meaning and invokes a personal memory for each listener.”

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