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Ida Mae announce new album Thunder Above You; share new single ‘My Whispers Are Wildfire’

After recently following up their highly-acclaimed 2021 sophomore LP Click Click Domino with their stunning Marcus King collaboration ‘When Eden Was My Girl’ earlier this year, British duo Ida Mae are back to announce the details behind their eagerly-awaited third studio album Thunder Above You, showcased by the swaggering new single ‘My Whispers Are Wildfire’.

Continuing to explore more of that warm and effervescent indie-rock aesthetic they have become synonymous with since they first emerged, Thunder Above You looks to become one of their most alluring and heartfelt offerings to date. Previewed by its boldly sophisticated indie-rock infused first single ‘My Whispers Are Wildfire’, their narrative-driven ideals combine with sprawling compositions throughout this new collection, making for a wonderfully warm and inviting listen.

Speaking about the new record, they said, “‘My Whispers are Wildfire’ is written from the perspective of an avaricious lover, in a haze of derealisation. It’s a response to the modern cacophony of fake news, click bait and the circus confusion of social media and material gain.

“We felt we were living in the shadow of the American Dream, traveling 46 states, hotel to motel, meeting a wild array of characters; from boat captains, marines to gamblers. We’ve found ourselves sharing coffee with prom queens living on the fringes, divorcees in San Francisco cellar bars and sharing stories about dead Kings with bartenders. This has all been duetted by the anxiety inducing craze of TikTok and targeted ads.

“I wanted to capture moments of these conversations, slam the flirtatious absurdity of the way we live into a musical cocktail somewhere between Ry Cooder and The Kills. It was all recorded live, on the second take, in a studio we built in a day in a mansion house in the English Countryside with Ethan Johns on drums and Nick Pini on Bass.”

Thunder Above You:

  1. My Whispers Are Wildfire
  2. Into Your River
  3. American Cars
  4. Doing It For Badness
  5. Lost On Your Time
  6. To Your Love
  7. My Wild Flying Dove
  8. Feel The World Turning
  9. Landslide
  10. Thunder Above You
  11. Hold You Like Fading Light

Photo credit: Dean Chalkley

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