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Charlotte Sands sets herself free with empowering rock anthem ‘use me’

Prolific breakout pop/rock star Charlotte Sands has released her new single ‘use me’ – a self-love anthem about realizing you’re enough just the way you are and being okay with not pleasing everyone. The track is the lead single from Charlotte’s long-awaited debut album, can we start over?, releasing on January 24, 2024.

“We wrote ‘use me’ at a time where I was constantly trying to please everyone around me and felt like I was continuously coming up short of their expectations,” says Charlotte. “No matter how hard I tried or how much I gave, it never felt like I was good enough. This song is about finally letting go of that pressure and accepting myself for who I actually am instead of the version that other people want me to be. Creating this song was a really therapeutic experience and I felt a million times lighter afterwards. I hope it makes you feel powerful and reminds you to not put too much weight on other people’s opinions of you. Only you truly know who you are.”

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  1. Eric

    I’ve been a fan of Charlotte for two years now and to finally see her announce her debut album is so exciting! I can’t think of any other person who deserves to have the love and success Charlotte is receiving at this moment. She truly is a superstar that will take over the world someday!

  2. Alex

    Charlotte is an incredible vocalist and it comes through on this single. She’s an absolutely amazing bean on a person and I’m so proud to see her rising success!

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