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Sheer Mag announce new album Playing Favorites, share title track/video

On Playing Favorites, Sheer Mag’s third full-length and first with Third Man Records, the band capitalize on a decade’s worth of devotion to their own collective spirit—a spirit refined in both the sweaty trenches of punk warehouses and the larger-than-life glamour of concert halls—emerging with a dense work of gripping emotions, massive hooks, and masterfully constructed power-pop anthems. This is the record the Philadelphian rock and roll four-piece has always been destined to make.

Playing Favorites expands with a sense of undeniable vitality, buoyed by rock and roll’s singular capacity to channel a relentless compassion for human life. While at times marked by an intensified sense of melancholy, this newest offering takes stock of the confusing flow of daily life without moralizing, refusing to fall into antagonistic cynicism. Sheer Mag leans into the chaotic thrall of city living, of a life subdivided by the jagged highs and lows of bars, parties, and nightlife culture, with sweetly empathetic remove.

Its title track and album opener announces itself with a sense of self-assured swagger, spinning a jubilant tale of life on the road: the band is back together, and they know they’ve never sounded quite this good before. “After nearly ten years of touring together, we felt qualified to write a song about doing it. It’s a good introduction to the next era of Sheer Mag,” the band tell. ‘Playing Favorites’ is available now alongside a video directed and photographed by Craig Scheihing which gives fans a glimpse into life on the road – watch below.

Playing Favourites:

  1. Playing Favorites
  2. Eat It and Beat It
  3. All Lined Up
  4. Don’t Come Lookin’
  5. I Gotta Go
  6. Moonstruck
  7. Mechanical Garden
  8. Golden Hour
  9. Tea On The Kettle
  10. Paper Time
  11. When You Get Back

Photo credit: Natalie Piserchio

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